Why should you upgrade your current ParallelDots account?

To upgrade or not to upgrade? Let us help you out. Here is an overview of the plans we offer. By the end of this article, you will be armed with the power of making an educated decision about the subscription package that fits your needs like a glove.

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The five ParallelDots subscription packages

Currently, we have five types of subscription packages that offer different levels of benefits. These accounts are differentiated in terms of monthly or daily API hits and rate limit.

An API hit is a single call to any of the ParallelDots API endpoint containing up to 600 characters. If a document contains more than 600 characters, it counts as one API hit for each 600 characters. 

For example, if you send three requests to any of the ParallelDots API that contains 250, 550, and 800 characters respectively, you would be charged for four (4) API hits: one for the first request (250), one for the second request (550), and two for the third request (800).

The number of hits you are allowed to make in a minute is called the rate limit.

We will discuss all the different types of accounts in detail in this post and also highlight their usability for different use-cases. So, if you are about to embark on your AI journey with us or you are already part of our family read on.

1) Free Account

This is a free account with very limited functionality. Our free tier does not have an expiration date. So, you can continue using this account forever without having to shell out a single dime. This account is widely used by students and tech enthusiasts looking for a sneak peek into the real world application of AI.

However, the free tier of ParallelDots is a brick compared to the skyscraper that is our upgraded API suite. The free account is designed to be a mere taste of what we offer, a platform for you to evaluate our APIs. This subscription is perfect for students to work on their academic projects or developers learning to integrate our APIs.

While the free account has its uses, they are very limited for most practical business use-cases. The restrictions on rate-limit do not allow for building real-time applications. For all practical intents and purposes, we suggest you upgrade to one of the packages described below.

2) Starter Account

The starter account is our entry-level business-centric subscription plan. The starter account is popular among growing organizations with an employee count of under 20. This subscription plan is also perfect for small businesses looking to improve their products and services. The starter plan is also used by bloggers and social influencers with a medium reach to understand their audience and find avenues to grow their reach.

The world wide web has allowed businesses to reach every part of the world. This means that any business can have a multilingual audience. This brings us to perhaps the only caveat a mid-scale organization can face while subscribed to this account, it only supports the English language. If your business has a high influx of textual data especially in languages other than English you will need to upgrade.

3) Standard Account

This subscription plan is our most popular offering. The standard account has produced truly remarkable results for some of our clients and is our recommended plan for users looking to work with Excel and Google Sheets plugins. This plan provides enough API hits and a higher rate-limit of 120 hits/minute to support faster data processing and real-time applications. Add to this, the ability to analyze text in 14 different languages, this plan has all the features to turn your organization into an AI powerhouse.

Using the Excel plugins, you can use the standard account for in-depth analysis of unstructured content such as customer feedback, survey responses, online reviews, etc. Our standard subscription plan is the formula your growing organization needs to up your analytics game and transform your organization.

The standard tier is our most popular offering for good reason but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its limitation. This plan was curated keeping a mid-scale startup in mind and cannot keep pace with the amount of consumer data a large organization is bound to generate. If you have a large organization generating tens of thousands of customer responses, we think the next plan will definitely work for you.

4) Business Account

Our business plan is a bigger and better form of the very successful standard account described in the previous section. This plan was devised for growing startups and small business having less than 100 employees.

This plan gives you a human touch which you sometimes require when working with technology, especially as evolving as AI. Our team is always available to help you if you face any technical problems or struggling to get started with any of our products. This plan like all other business-centric accounts is GDPR compliant.

Our business plan has a high rate limit which allows you to perform heavy analysis, especially in real time. However, if your organization is on the verge of surpassing the stature of a startup you will find yourself generating textual data in the millions every month with thousands of responses needing analysis in the real-time. In such cases, the business plan will not be enough to suffice your requirements but don’t fret we have something tailor-made to match your needs.

5) Advanced Account

At 499 USD per month, this subscription is a steal of a deal when dealing with large volumes of data. The Advance account provides 2 million hits per month with higher rate limits than Business Account (Don’t worry your eyes are fine!). This subscription plan was curated for organizations that receive hundreds of thousands of comments, user-feedback, online reviews every month or quarter.

We know that your consumers are spread across hundreds of time zones and we want your AI journey as smooth as possible. Keeping this in mind our API specialists are at your beckoning 24X7. We take the GDPR compliance very seriously, you can trust us with the most sensitive of data.

This subscription plan can be a true game changer for your organization looking to start with AI-enabled analysis. Organizations subscribed to this plan have integrated APIs to power their chatbots or analyzed thousands of reviews related to their and competitor’s product to find actionable insights. Social Media Analysis is another important use-case through which organizations subscribed to this plan get real-time feedback on their products or services and manage brand reputation

In case you have a unique business case that requires more than 2 million API calls or you need a custom solution, we have our Enterprise plan. The great thing about our Enterprise plan is the on-site deployment of our APIs giving you the highest level of security and unmatched processing speed. Get in touch with us if that is something which peeked your excitement.

The Enterprise account is the ultimate solution to all your text analytics woes. With this account, you can have customized solutions created especially for you and around your use case. Click here to see some of our most successful projects.

We hope you liked the article. Please Sign Up for a free ParallelDots account to start your AI journey now. Create your own classification model with SmartReader and discover interesting insights from your customers’ voice. You can also check out free demos of ParallelDots AI APIs here.



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