March 2021 at ParallelDots

This March we launched a monthly newsletter where we compile all interesting updates on image recognition and retail execution. Here is a glimpse.

Latest on retail execution: A series of blogs on ‘How to run successful Perfect Store Programmes (PSP)’. It’s structured in three parts :

  • Part A – Key questions a CPG manufacturer must consider before starting a PSP.
  • Part B – A framework we suggest for building effective PSPs
  • Part C – How to measure effectiveness and ensure perfect store execution.

Updates from the product team: After many client requests, we have now launched our price display recognition feature. With this blog post, we give an under-the-hood look at how this capability works.  

Data Science Research: Our data-science research team focus on getting the most accurate AI with the least possible training and resource requirements. On the same theme, we present two recent research papers focusing on – Retail Image Classification, and Compact Retail Shelf Segmentation for mobile deployment. 

ParallelDots in News: We have news to share! ParallelDots was adjudged the winner for the Nasscom Emerge50 Awards in the Retail Tech category – which is an encouraging vote of confidence for the impact we are generating with ShelfWatch.  

That’s a wrap for this month, for any comments or questions, you can contact us here.

Latest on Retail Execution:

Updates from the Product team:

Price Display Detection:

ParallelDots introduces the price display detection feature in ShelfWatch

Research from the Data Science team:

1. Bag of tricks for Retail Product Image Classification (Read More)

2. Compact retail shelf segmentation for mobile deployment (Read More)

ParallelDots in News:

NASSCOM has adjudged ParallelDots as the winner of Emerge50 Awards 2020 in the Retail Tech category.

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