May 2021 at ParallelDots

With our growing market penetration, we are also introducing new innovations for image recognition. This month’s newsletter speaks about two key initiatives we have introduced in the market –

  • Getting the right shelf arrangement – “Right assortment of products, present in right quantity and in the right location” – is what every leader aims for. Much has been said about the assortment (on-shelf-availability) and quantity (share-of-shelf) aspects, but not many companies leverage the power of AI to get the ‘location’ right. In this blog, we discuss how an image recognition program can be used to implement planogram compliance at scale. There might be some useful ideas for you to pick up.  
  • On-Device Image Recognition – Breaking the barrier of 5-10 mins turnaround time, we are launching an offline image recognition option (called ODIN) where users will get ‘instant’ feedback from AI analysis, without any internet connection. We now offer a wide range of image recognition options that can be optimized either for speed, accuracy or cost. Read more to see how the on-device image recognition solution works and whether it’s a right fit for you.

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Latest on Retail Execution:

retail shelf KPIs execution using image recognition

Shelf Arrangement KPIs and Planogram Compliance through Image Recognition

on-device image recognition for automated retail audits : ODIN by ParallelDots ShelfWatch

ODIN by ParallelDots : On-Device Image Recognition for Automated Retail Audits

ParallelDots in News:

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Muktabh Mayank in conversation with the Udyam Gyan team.

April 2021 at ParallelDots :

Latest on Retail Execution – A series of blogs on the Perfect Store Programme (PSP)

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Part B : A framework for building PSP.

Retail shelf SKU image capture from a mobile phone

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Updates from the Product Team:

The Price Display Detection feature of ShelfWatch

Research from the Data Science Team:

1. Bag of tricks for Retail Product Image Classification (Click to read more)

2. Compact retail shelf segmentation for mobile deployment ( Click to read more)

ParallelDots in News:

ParallelDots CEO Angam Parashar speaks with Kossi Adzo of

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