Artificial Intelligence

Best (and Free!!) Resources to understand Deep learning

The internet is filled with tutorials to get started with Deep Learning. You can choose to get started with the superb Stanford courses CS221 or CS224, Fast AI courses or Deep Learning AI courses if you are an absolute beginner. All except Deep Learning AI are free and accessible from the comfort of your home. All you need   →

Text Classification: Applications and Use Cases

  Text analysis, as a whole, is an emerging field of study. Fields  such as Marketing, Product Management, Academia, and Governance are already leveraging the process of analyzing and extracting information from textual data. In a previous post, we discussed the technology behind Text Classification, one of the essential parts of Text Analysis. Text classification   →

Named Entity Recognition: Applications and Use Cases

Named Entity Recognition is a process where an algorithm takes a string of text (sentence or paragraph) as input and identifies relevant nouns (people, places, and organizations) that are mentioned in that string. In our previous blog, we gave you a glimpse of how our Named Entity Recognition API works under the hood. In this post, we   →

Announcing the Launch of New User Dashboard for ParallelDots AI APIs

Months of discussion, debate and development and we’re pleased to announce the release of our new user dashboard and are quite pleased with the results. We hope our users will too. The focus of this new user dashboard is to put all the resources related to our products and solutions in one place.  Our primary   →

A Quick Guide to Identify Twitterbots Using AI

In one of our last blog post, we discussed how to identify ‘Fake Accounts’ or ‘Potential Spammers’ on Twitter. It is important to filter out such information to get most reliable and accurate insights. A lot of firms and individuals have taken the game forward and used Twitterbots to automate and fasten the content delivery. A study estimated   →

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