Analyzing verbatim comments in spreadsheets using machine learning

Machine learning has made it more accessible to create meaningful insights in a data-rich world. This includes data from customer surveys, qualitative primary research, and online verbatim comments. There is a wide range of input that arises in the lifetime of a business. This data needs to be mined for actionable insights, that can significantly impact the brand value of a business.

You could have launched a new marketing campaign and want to review customer sentiment. You could have designed a new product and need more insight into what B2B clients are saying about the solution. There are many research-oriented systems designed to create more data, but few to help you mine them effectively. That’s where machine learning comes in.

How Machine Learning helps in analyzing data sets

Machine learning can do the heavy lifting for you. It can analyze verbatim comments and introduce new insights from existing datasets. The algorithm takes some time to understand the sentiment, quality, and context of the data set, commonly known as the training process. After this learning period has passed, the data set can be mined better for quality insights.

The algorithm deciphers the output of the data set by mining key phrases that are tracked to particular labels. The training process analyses the raw input to create deeper meaning behind them. Ideally, there is manual input added to create these labels so that the algorithm can track the relationship between disparate data points. This makes text mining customer reviews, analyzing survey responses and scrubbing feedback sessions that much easier.

How to analyze verbatim comments on spreadsheets

Verbatim comments may pose a challenge at first but analyzing them can be made easy and simple with the help of Machine Learning. At ParallelDots, we have created a tool called SmartReader to allow anyone to analyze verbatim comments quickly and accurately without writing a single line of code.  Depending on the quantity of data available, the software can take between 10 to 15 minutes to train the algorithm on your data. However, when trying to analyze survey feedback that has millions of data points, the process can take much longer.

Here’s how you can use SmartReader to analyze your verbatims data:

Step 1: Log in to your ParallelDots account. In case you don’t have an account sign up on the SmartReader platform absolutely free and log in. Your account is automatically credited with 4000 credits and you are subscribed to the Free tier.

You can upgrade your account for more credits and analyzing data in languages other than English. Click here to read more about the different types of accounts we offer.

Step 2: Welcome to your custom dashboard. Click on the “Create New Project” button on the top left corner to start.

Step 3: Enter your project name and select the insights you want to generate (Text classification, Sentiment, Emotion, Keywords).

Select the language of your data.

Select the file(in .xls/.xlsx/.csv format) that contains your data.

Select the column containing the text you want to analyze from the drop-down menu.

Finally, upload your file and start your analysis.

Step 4: Once you finish uploading your spreadsheet, the AI behind SmartReader starts learning from your data. This process takes several minutes because SmartReader is reading all your open-ended data word by word and learning different concepts from it. Feel free to minimize or close the tab and continue your work. You will be notified through an email once the training is completed.

Step 5: Once the training is complete, you are redirected to your dashboard.

If you have selected Custom text classification, your dashboard will be temporarily locked. Don’t worry though we will unlock it real soon. All you have to do is book a call with our expert who is already analyzing your data to generate actionable insights.

This call is not a sales-centered it is merely meant to give you a better feel of the dashboard and its functionalities. If you do not want to get on a call simply drop us a message by hitting the chat button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and we will remotely unlock your Dashboard.

Once you click on the “Book my Slot” button you will be redirected to a dynamic online calendar. Here, you can select a date and time of your convenience and our Customer Success team will make sure your results are ready to be discussed. Once we conclude the demo we will unlock your dashboard.

In case, you have not selected the CTC functionality, you will find that your Dashboard is already unlocked.

SmartReader believes in combining human ingenuity and technical tools to reduce the time required for a cumbersome process like verbatim coding.

Benefits of using machine learning

One of the greatest challenges of mining data has always been related to coding the right parameters. This has been taken care of by the sophisticated algorithms behind SmartReader. Through the power of machine learning, you can categorize and label several lines of data without a single line of code from your end. The software does all the heavy lifting, while you get your results in less than 30 minutes.

There are few tools in the marketplace for data mining, with SmartReader being one of the handfuls of them. Added to that the capability to create custom classifiers, use sentiment analysis, and emotion analysis, and you get a robust machine learning based data analyzer. You can also install the Excel plugin and Google Sheets add-on to perform more analysis on your data file.

We hope you liked the article. Please Sign Up for a free ParallelDots account to start your AI journey. You can also check out the demo of ParallelDots’ AI APIs here.


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