Analyse survey responses using machine learning

survey responses

Artificial Intelligence is a hot selling cake in Information Technology Sector these days. It is very powerful and can help B2B sector to get actionable insight from thousands of customers reviews. Whenever a new product is launched in the market it becomes quite tedious to get feedback and even if you become successful in gathering feedback through Survey responses still there is a long way to go. You don’t have enough time and tools to analyze survey responses and act on them thereon. This leads to loss of ROI and brand value.

If you are really looking for bringing a change to your business then artificial intelligence can help you in mining meaningful data from verbatim comments. Just imagine a software which will help you in getting survey results without any coding and a hefty overhead cost. A Software that can just analyze open-ended responses with the simplest format- Excel. The software which can help you analyze open-ended responses is SmartReader.

About SmartReader

survey responses

SmartReader is one of the most innovative machine learning tool which can be used for analyzing survey responses. It is used to analyze 1,000s of survey responses by training the models on your data, categorize them according to the topics and analyze them accordingly using Artificial Intelligence. Isn’t it amazing? It is a SaaS tool which is built to ease the survey analysis process for businesses. You can analyze the survey responses in just a few hours and the job is completely taken care by Artificial Intelligence. You can then make use of those actionable insights to improve your business. It takes some time to train on the data sets you provide and then you can get output which can help to improve your business. Machine learning applications work on an algorithm which mines key phrases that are tracked to a particular label. The training phase basically creates meaningful definitions between keywords and sentences. There is also an input box provided in which you can manually enter label so that technology goes hand-in-hand with human’s knowledge.

History Behind SmartReadersurvey responses

We started building it in the month of July 2018. Earlier it was called as Custom Classifier. It was based on the principle called as Zero-Shot learning technique. It was trained on 10 million news articles so that it can effectively maintain relationships between sentences and their categories. Then came the era of deep learning and Custom Classifier changed to the SmartReader. In it, Artificial Intelligence trains your data and gives you topics and sub-topics. SmartReader has various features like smart topic identification, survey results analysis and in-depth analysis of data. It can definitely give you applicative comprehension to take your business to new heights.

Most important use cases of SmartReader are:

Analyzing Verbatim Comments

survey responses

You get a variety of comments on your product. Some are negative while some are positive. These comments should be evaluated in a detailed way while doing a survey result analysis. Negative feedback should also be evaluated in such a way which can help you with product enhancements while positive feedback should be a morale booster. Using Google Sheets add-on by Parallel dots, you can find out the sentiments and emotions in a fraction of seconds. Emotions can let you know a very comprehensive response and will help you to analyze survey responses. Just imagine if you could segregate customer’s feedback on the basis of emotions like happy, sad, angry, bored, satisfied or dissatisfied then that would be a dream come true for you. You could then easily take action based upon emotion analysis score. You can read more about it here.

Smart Topic Identification and SEO optimization

survey responses

With the help of deep learning techniques of AI, SmartReader can recommend you relevant topics which are customer’s choice and can help you analyze survey report. You can analyze the keywords using an excel data source mentioning the column name you want to analyze and your job is done! Along with it, it can be easily customized and you can test it at the moment itself. Then, you can use those suggestions on your website to increase the number of views to increase ROI and Customer Satisfaction.

Steps of using SmartReader to analyze Survey Responses

  1. You need to first register with ParallelDots. Sign Up for a free account to test the tool and then log in to the tool. The first thing which you need to create after login is to make a model. Click on “Create your first Model”.
  2. Next step is to choose the data source. In our case, it would be one of the favorites data formats which everyone prefers i.e. CSV format. Once, you have uploaded your CSV file, you have to tell the SmartReader the column which you want to analyze. Choose the column from the drop-down named “Select column for categorization”.
  3. Now, Click On Upload CSV. It would take some time (according to the size of the dataset) to train the model on your data. Meanwhile, you can continue with your work. You are good to close the tab in which the ongoing training process is done as you would be notified via an email when the training will be completed.
  4. Once the training is done, you will get some topics which will be suggested by the AI according to your data. Once, you will click on any topic; you will get some new recommendations of sub-topics. You can remove the topics or sub-topics which you don’t find relevant and add some to it if needed.
  5. You can check the output by entering some text or phrase into the input box. It will ensure the quality of the analysis by SmartReader. In 99% of the cases, the output is best but in 1% of the cases, if you are not satisfied then you can change the topics or sub-topics on your own.
  6. If you are satisfied with the results, you can download the results in CSV file with all comments categorized into topics. SmartReader will also perform sentiment analysis, extract keywords, nouns, and adjectives on the verbatim data to give you insights about the data.
  7. Now, you have everything – data and categorization. The last tip which would help you in getting the most out of the customer survey analysis is making a pivot table to analyze the data. You will then get to know customer satisfaction survey– ” Which things are going in the right direction and which aren’t”.

SmartReader is a perfect tool to get rid of heavy lifting task to do text mining customer reviews and analyzing the data. You don’t need to hire people for that as a simple tool SmartReader can do it all for you. You can take subscription based upon your budget and make your business flourish with perfect survey data analysis.

We hope you liked the article. Please Sign Up for a free ParallelDots account to start your AI journey now. You can also check out free demos of ParallelDots AI APIs here.

survey responses


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