Announcing new pricing plans for ParallelDots Text Analytics APIs

text analytics
This year has been an exciting one, and we wouldn’t be here without you! We launched multiple product offerings leveraging the most cutting-edge advances in text analytics. As a result of it, we have been able to quadruple our user-base, and our Text Analytics APIs are used in more than 30 countries around the globe, solving a variety of use-cases in different industry verticals like insurance, finance, utility services, etc.

As ParallelDots grows, we continue to find ways to make our services an even better value for our users. Our Excel Add-in was very well received, and we continue to make changes and improve it. Today, we’re very excited to announce a new pricing plan that provides a bit more flexibility for growing businesses to build smart applications – a concern that we’ve heard in survey responses and emails. In case, you have any feedback for us; please fill out a short survey form here.

We have thoughtfully considered what pricing model for our Text Analytics APIs will best enable us to make ParallelDots an even better option to execute your project without investing a fortune in building custom AI models or recruiting an in-house data science team. Two things that won’t ever change are our commitment to making you as productive as you can be and running our business in as transparent a way as possible to deliver a great product at a fair price. Beginning today, we are changing our pricing system from old, prepaid packages to Pay As You Go (PAYG) model.

Under the PAYG model, we have a very generous free tier which allows you to make 10,000 hits per month for all our Text Analytics APIs with a daily limit of 1,000 hits. We believe this limit should be enough for a growing startup to integrate text analytics capabilities in their stack or to build a proof-of-concept for a new project. Once your requirements outgrow the free tier limits, all you need is to add your payment method to your account, and you will continue to use our services without any disruption. We will charge $1 for every batch of 1,000 hits you will make to our APIs. For more details on our pricing plans and FAQs, please visit our new pricing page.

We are also offering a fast, scalable solution for Enterprises to build custom models on their dataset, deployed in their premises. Leveraging the advances in transfer learning and few-shot learning, we can build a custom model with orders of magnitude lesser data, thus saving time and costs. Please contact us to receive a price quote for building your own custom model.

As the year draws to a close, we have reinforced our belief that we are only successful if you are, so we want to help you as much as possible in successfully executing your projects. Amidst all the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence today, we believe our users are the one driving the change on the ground, one step at a time. While you are busy disrupting your industry in 2018, we promise to deliver world-class solutions tailored to your budget.

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