Introducing the all new SmartReader

SmartReader is a simplified Excel based SaaS solution that automatically analyzes your open-ended customer responses. In fact, it can analyze survey responses, consumer feedback, product reviews, and comments. It uses AI to understand your data and then generates a list of key themes which appear to be predominantly talked about. Finally, it classifies each of your customers’ responses to your themes and brings out interesting insights automatically. This tool is very industry agnostic. SmartReader can be employed to transform industries such as aviation, Hospitality, Automobile, Academia and many more.

The best part about SmartReader? All this can be done in your spreadsheet.

SmartReader has gone through a complete remodeling and is better than ever with a brand new and interactive user interface. This article aims at introducing all that is new with SmartReader. We will also look at how you can use SmartReader to truly transform your enterprise by leveraging the power of this state-of-art technology.

The new SmartReader


The new SmartReader works on a form of digital currency called ‘Credits’. Credits are just like digital coins. Each SmartReader account comes with a specified number of credits that can be used to make API calls by the user. Each time you use a SmartReader functionality, you use up credits from your wallet.

Each row of text in a spreadsheet can be classified into multiple themes.

Classifiying 1 row of text into 1 category is worth 1 credit. Detecting sentiment, emotion or keywords from 1 row of text is also worth 1 credit.

For example, if you want to analyze 50 customer responses into 8 themes, you use up 400 credits. Additionally, if you also analyze sentiment for these 50 customer responses, you use up 50 additional credits.

SmartReader gives you the flexibility to use any one or all of these functionalities.

SmartReader also allows you to analyze text that is in languages other than English. Each multilingual row of text analysis costs you an additional 2 credits per row.

SmartReader salient features

  • SmartReader works on the most popular format in the world- Excel
  • SmartReader trains itself on your data hence, increasing its analytical accuracy many folds.
  • There are many tools for survey and feedback analysis but very few them can analyze open-ended responses and even fewer that can match SmartReader’s affordability
  • SmartReader identifies key themes and corresponding keywords after analyzing your data
  • SmartReader is integrated with state-of-art APIs by ParallelDots. Currently, SmartReader is equipped to:
    • Extract important keywords from the text being analyzed
    • Detect the three primary sentiments (positive, negative or neutral) in the open-ended text being analyzed
    • Detect the six primary emotions (Happiness, Anger, Excitement, Sadness, Fear, and Boredom) in the open-ended text being analyzed
    • Classify the open-ended text being analyzed into one of the key themes.
  • SmartReader is the one-stop solution to all your text analysis problems.

A Step by Step Guide to using SmartReader

Step1: Log in to your ParallelDots account. In case you don’t have an account sign up on the SmartReader platform absolutely free and log in. Your account is automatically credited with 4000 credits and you are subscribed to the Free tier.
You can upgrade your account for more credits and analyzing data in languages other than English. Click here to read more about the different types of accounts we offer.

Step 2: Welcome to your custom dashboard. Click on the “Create New Project” button on the top left corner to start.


Step 3: Enter your project name and select the insights you want to generate (Text classification, Sentiment, Emotion, Keywords).
Select the language of your data.
Select the file(in .xls/.xlsx/.csv format) that contains your data.
Select the column that contains the data you want to categorize from the drop-down. Finally, upload your file and start your analysis.


Step 4: Once you finish uploading your spreadsheet, the AI behind SmartReader starts learning from your data. This process takes several minutes because SmartReader is reading all your open-ended data word by word and learning different concepts from it. Feel free to minimize or close the tab and continue your work.

Step 5: Once the training is complete, you are redirected to your dashboard.

If you have selected Custom text classification (CTC), your dashboard displays the automatically detected key themes and descriptors. Adjust these themes and descriptors according to your use case.


Then click on the green “Analyze” button to get the AI engine purring. You will see the screen below select “get results in CSV” and select “Yes” on the prompt to send your complete data under classification.


Finally, Download your results by clicking the blue button on the left of “Configuration Panel”.


In case, you have not selected the CTC functionality, you will find that your Dashboard is already unlocked. You will have full access to the results as shown below.


A detailed look at the APIs ingrained in SmartReader

Sentiment Analysis:
Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis intuitively means finding the tone of any text. It classifies statements into Positive, Negative and Neutral. With SmartReader, you can upload a spreadsheet with 100s of rows of text and extract the sentiment.

Emotion Analysis:

Emotion analysis

Emotion analysis means classifying a row of text into one of the six basic emotions (Happiness, Anger, Excitement, Sadness, Fear, and Boredom) to actually discover the degree of positivity or negativity in a statement.
With SmartReader, you can upload a spreadsheet containing 100s of rows of text and extract the emotion for each of these.

Keyword extractor:

Keyword Extractor

Analyzing important keywords from an open-ended text can prove crucial in extracting important words from a piece of text. Keywords are very crucial for Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Blogging etc.
With SmartReader, you can upload a spreadsheet with 100s of rows of text and extract the keywords for each of these.

Custom Text Classifier (CTC):

text classifier

The custom text classifier analyzes rows of text and categorizes each row into the key themes. These key themes are curated based on a word-by-word understanding of the AI from your data. CTC is truly brilliant because it can sort through millions of rows of text and assign them to key themes. This can later be paired with one or more of SmartReaders’ functionalities to generate truly magnificent insights.

Click here to read some of SmartReaders’ greatest success stories in form of detailed case studies.

We hope you liked the article. Please Sign Up for a free ParallelDots account to start your AI journey now. Create your own classification model with SmartReader and discover interesting insights from your customers’ voice. You can also check out free demos of ParallelDots AI APIs here.


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