How to Leverage Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis
Social media sentiment analysis is a pretty familiar term by now. It has its roots back in the early 2000s and has been making its way through the businesses ever since. The majority (70%) of the B2C companies analyze customer feedback and product reviews on social media to deliver the best in class services. In the previous blog, you read about the applications of sentiment analysis in business. You must be fairly aware of why you need it for your business. Now that you have the access to it, the real chase begins. This blog deals with what you can and you should do with the insights generated when you run sentiment analysis on social media.

Begin with a powerful AI-driven tool

Relying on machines for generating insights is often looked upon with rolling eyes. If you need to stay in the competition with timeless accuracy, you don’t really have a choice. However, you always have the option to chose the right tool for your social media listening among the countless ones available. Among some of the finest tools, our Artificial Intelligence based media monitoring tool karna makes the most of NLP technology to serve the purpose well.
You can track the sentiments related to any keyword relevant to your brand. Other than the overall sentiment analysis, Karna offers to segregate those sentiments on the basis of age groups and gender as well.

What to do with social media sentiment analysis data

The data you obtain after performing social media sentiment analysis is an abode to hefty insights. You should be smart enough to decide what matters the most and need some plan of action. The approach to using this analysis to your brand’s advantage is a simple one.

    • Set your priorities

      Targeting the actionable insights first from the huge chunk of social media sentiment analysis report is a smart approach. When you have the overall analysis of your performance, look for the loopholes first. You don’t need self-appreciation for what went well. Look for the negative mentions and fix what went wrong. This creates a balance that can avoid the possibility of a major crisis. Conciliate your unhappy customers before they become someone else’s happy customers.


    • Sort your search by social media sentiment analysis

      Going through the social media mentions of your brand/product is the very basic process for digital marketing. It often gets time-consuming and requires tremendous efforts to draw conclusions from the search results. But if you know, what you are looking for, things get easy and fast. For instance, your company has launched a new product and you wish to know how people respond to a particular feature of the product. You can set any specific feature of that product as your keyword and look for the sentiments attached to it. This approach saves a lot of time and you can drill down to exactly what is going to help you in the given circumstances.
      Google’s latest smartphone, Pixel was quite a trending topic for many reasons. Out of many other features, its camera received a remarkable appreciation. Here’s the exact sentiment analysis data for it.

sentiment analysis

  • Make comparisons

    The overall context varies with the ever-increasing social media mentions. Always, keep the record of all the social media sentiment analysis reports ever tracked for a campaign, event or a product launch. Weighing them against each other portrays a clearer picture to plan the strategy for an upcoming event. If a video campaign gets more positive sentiments than a print ad for the marketing of certain type of product, you know what sells when you are planning a similar product launch again. Knowing the type of response received by a particular campaign nearly sorts out the brainstorming to planning the upcoming ones.

  • Carry out competitive analysis

    Create alerts to monitor your competitors. Measure the sentiments for them in the similar manner you do it for your own brand. Keep the record of their social media sentiment analysis reports as well and track their progress. Look out for generating some inspirations from their positive mentions and lead generation opportunity from their negative mentions. Once, you find a lead, carefully make a move and offer what you think you can provide better than your competitors.

Sentiment analysis extracts the context out of your social media mentions. It makes your social listening more refined. When you have the tool to make things simpler, make sure you use it well enough to justify the purpose. We, at ParallelDots, provide you with such tools to make most out of your marketing efforts. Reach out to us here for a custom analysis for your brand.

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