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text classification
Text Classification can be useful in understanding customer behavior by categorizing conversations on social networks, feedback, and other web sources. Search engines, newspapers, or e-commerce portals categorize their content or products to facilitate the search and navigation. The automated classification of texts into predefined categories has witnessed a budding awareness in the last ten years. This awareness is attributed to the increased availability of documents in digital form and the consequent need to get them organized. Text classification or Text Categorization is the activity of labeling natural language texts with relevant categories from a predefined set. Today, text classification is being applied in many contexts, ranging from document filtering to automated metadata generation, word sense disambiguation, a populace of hierarchical catalogs of Web resources, and in general any application that requires document organization or selective and adaptive document send off.

Text classification process should be reliable and effective. Our text classification API is a suite of deep learning algorithms made to target different types of datasets, designed to provide accurate real time results. Take a demo here.

How our API works

We have taken an example to demonstrate text classification



Two prototype models of a highly-anticipated gaming laptop have been stolen at the 2017 CES tech show in Las Vegas. The concept devices from gaming company Razer boasts three 4K screens and is said to be the first portable laptop of its kind.
Razer said the devices were taken from its press room on Sunday.

    "tags": [
        ["laptop", 4.0300382044178349],
        ["gaming", 3.971877286458779],
        ["technology", 2.8847038470551283]

Text classification is the ultimate organizer. Its advantages are not limited to just document organization. You can get benefitted in a number of ways:

  • Tag your content or your products using categories as a way to improve browsing or to identify related content on your website.
  • Text Classification of content on the website using tags helps Google crawl your website easily which ultimately helps in SEO.
  • Classify customer support requests according to priority or severity level to take prompt action. Lesser Response time can lead to better user experience.
  • Classifying your content into standard categories would mean consistency across your platform, in turn improving your SEO.


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