Announcing the Launch of New User Dashboard for ParallelDots AI APIs

Months of discussion, debate and development and we’re pleased to announce the release of our new user dashboard and are quite pleased with the results. We hope our users will too.

The focus of this new user dashboard is to put all the resources related to our products and solutions in one place.  Our primary goal is to make AI accessible to all type of user profiles – developers, analysts, product managers, etc. and our new user dashboard will give you an intuitive interface to test our products and services.

If you have a few minutes, please feel free to browse and explore the new layout and features. In future, we will be adding our new products and solutions to this dashboard so you can try them out instantly. You can check it here.

Here’s a brief rundown of the features of new user dashboard:                            

API Usage:

In this tab, you can find the usage of your APIs which you have used based on your plan. Here you can also find your daily & monthly usage along with the allowed usage limit for your account. If you are on free account, you can easily upgrade your account from here.

User Dashboard
Details of the number of hits a user make per API

API Key:

After various surveys, we found out that there was no easy way for our users to retrieve their API key. Now, you can log in to the dashboard and easily copy your API key.

User Dashboard

Custom Classifier:

We recently launched our custom classifier which makes it very easy to build a text classifier on your predefined categories without any training dataset.

Custom Classifier gives you the flexibility to classify your text on your own categories and access it via an API.

You can create your first classifier by clicking on the ‘+’ icon in your dashboard. Next, define some categories in which you want to classify your data. Please note that for best results, keep your categories mutually exclusive.

You can check the accuracy of classification by analyzing a sample of your text and tweak your category list as much as you want before publishing them. Once the categories are published, you will get an application id which lets you use the custom classifier via an API.

User Dashboard
Custom Classifier Flow

Excel Add-in:

Excel Add-in is the software which let users use our AI APIs extensively from the comfort of their spreadsheets. In this tab, you can download the add-in and you can find all the information related to our Excel Add-in, including a step-by-step guide to use the Excel Add-in for your PC.

User Dashboard
Download the Excel Add-in directly from your Dashboard

Payment Method:

Our recently launched pricing plan for ParallelDots AI APIs have a Pay-As-You-Go model which means you will only be billed for usage beyond the free tier. If you feel that your usage has grown beyond the free tier, you can add your credit card details in the payment tab. Attaching a credit card automatically upgrades your account to the standard tier removing all the usage restrictions of free tier.

It will also help you to publish your custom classifiers since they have a fixed billing component of $50 per month per classifier.

User Dashboard
Add your credit card for an uninterrupted seamless experience of AI

Billing History:

Billing history gives you access to all the previous invoices that have been paid from your account.

We hope that our new user dashboard helps you with all your text analytics needs. Please mail to if you face any issues.



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