Announcing new pricing plans for ParallelDots APIs and Plugins

Last 3 quarters were particularly exciting, and we wouldn’t be here without your continued support during this time!

Starting last year, we launched multiple product offerings from new text analytics APIs to Plugins for Excel and Google Sheets. More than 10,000 developers and 20,000 analysts are using our APIs and plugins to solve real problems in healthcare, shipping, survey feedback analysis etc.

In our quest for growth, we continue to find better value for our users. Our plugins have received praise from industry leaders and our APIs have secured better accuracy than industry leaders including IBM Watson and Microsoft NLU APIs. Today, we’re very excited to announce our prepaid subscription-based pricing plans that allow users to control their monthly bills and provide small businesses with the flexibility to build smart applications – a persistent concern that we come across often.

We have considered what new pricing model for our Text Analytics APIs will best enable us to make ParallelDots a great option to execute your project without investing a fortune in building custom AI models or recruiting an in-house data science team. Two things that won’t ever change are our commitment to making you as productive as you can be, and running our business in a transparent way to deliver a great product at a fair price. Beginning today, we are changing our pricing system to prepaid subscription-based packages.

Under the prepaid model, we have a very generous free tier which allows you to make unlimited hits for a lifetime on all our Text Analytics APIs with a daily limit of 2,000 hits. We believe this limit should be enough for a growing startup to integrate text analytics capabilities in their stack or to build a proof-of-concept for a new project. Once your requirements outgrow the free tier limits, you may purchase a prepaid plan according to your requirements.

Listing down all the prepaid plans.

  • Starter – 6,000 Hits per day (60 API Hits per minute)
  • Standard – 15,000 Hits per day (120 API Hits per minute)
  • Business – No daily limit, 1 Million API Hits per month (180 API Hits per minute)

For more details, visit our new pricing page.

We also offer customized, scalable solutions for enterprises to build custom models on their dataset, deployed on-premise. Please contact us to start building your own custom model.

We hope you liked the article. Please Sign Up for a free ParallelDots account to start your AI journey now. You can also check out free demos of ParallelDots AI APIs here.


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