Text Analysis APIs- Most Common FAQs and Their Answers

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At ParallelDots, we take user experience very seriously. When it comes to our products and tools, we strive to provide the best. The same applies to solving the queries we get from our users. In this blog, we address some of the most common frequently asked questions regarding our Text Analysis APIs, Excel add-in, and Google Sheet add-on.

What languages does ParallelDots Plugins support?

Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analysis, and Keyword Generator APIs are available in multiple languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese(Simplified)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • Arabic

Named Entity Recognition is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, and German. All the other Natural Language Processing APIs right now work only with English.

Please note that languages, other than English, are supported in our Business, Advanced, and Enterprise plans only.

Is there a free demo available? How can I try it?

Yes, we do provide free demo for all our Text analysis APIs. Click here to try out the free demo.

I want to use the Text analysis APIs for a university project. Do you provide any academic discounts?

Yes, we do provide 25% academic discount on all our paid plans. You can contact us to avail this offer with your official university email address.

How many text documents does a free plan user get for Excel add-in/ Google sheets add-on?

As a free user you are eligible to make 2500 text document for lifetime. Once the 2500 text documents limit is exhausted you will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans to continue using the Plugins.

Where can I find the API Documentation? How do I set them up?

You can find ParallelDots Text Analysis APIs Documentation here. For setup and installation instructions, please visit our GitHub Page .

What do you mean by an API hit?

An API hit is a single call to any of the ParallelDots API endpoint containing up to 600 characters. If a document contains more than 600 characters, it counts as one API hit for each 600 characters. 
For example, if you send three requests to any of the ParallelDots API that contains 250, 550, and 800 characters respectively, you would be charged for four (4) API hits: one for the first request (250), one for the second request (550), and two for the third request (800).

What do you mean by rate limit?

Rate limit is the number of API hits consumed in a minute. There is a limit on the number of hits you can make per minute for each subscription plan as under:

Free Plan  – 1,000 Hits per day (60 API Hits per minute)

Starter Plan – 6,000 Hits per day (60 API Hits per minute)

Standard Plan – 15,000 Hits per day (120 API Hits per minute)

Business Plan – 30,000 Hits per day (180 API Hits per minute)

Advanced Plan: 2 Million Hits per month (> 180 API Hits per minute)

Enterprise Plan – No limit (SLA available for rate limits)

What do you mean by usage limit?

Usage limit means the maximum number of API hits you can make in a day, based on your subscribed plan. The following are the usage limits for each plan.

  • Free plan: Up to 1,000 API hits in a day and up to 60 API hits per minute.
  • Starter plan: Up to 6,000 API hits in a day and up to 60 API hits per minute.
  • Standard plan: Up to 15,000 API hits in a day and up to 120 API hits per minute.
  • Business plan: Up to 30,000 API hits in a day and up to 180 API hits per minute.
  • Advanced Plan: Up to 2 Million API hits in a day with >180 API hits per minute.
  • Enterprise plan: No limit (SLA available for rate limits)

How do I downgrade my current subscription plan?

Unfortunately, we do not provide downgrading on the subscription plans. You can cancel your current subscription and subscribe to the desired plan at the end of the billing cycle.

Do you offer a refund on plan cancellation?

We’re afraid we do not issue a refund in case of cancellation. However, a subscription can be canceled from the dashboard at any time to ensure that the credit card is not charged again at the end of the billing cycle.

Feel free to contact us in case of any other text analysis API queries.

Do check out our other blogs to learn about our breakthroughs in Deep Learning and Machine Learning.


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