Must-read Blogs for AI and Deep Learning Enthusiasts

AI Blogs

Nothing I have ever seen matches the potential of AI and cognitive computing to change the world”

John E. Kelly, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research highlighted the fact in 2016 in a conference organized by Yann Lecun, one of the most prominent names among AI enthusiasts. There is no denying the fact that AI is driving the next technology revolution. All the tech giants have opened their respective dedicated AI research sections and many new companies are making brilliant products using AI.

In midst of this hustle, it is important to be updated about the research surrounding AI. As an applied AI research group, we always keep ourselves updated on the latest news, research and technologies. If you are an AI enthusiast, here’s a list of some must-read AI blogs which you should follow:

Open AI

OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence research company that aims to promote and develop safe and friendly AI. Sam Altman, Elon Musk and few notable investors came along to fund this nonprofit organization. OpenAI blog is religiously followed all over the world by AI and Deep Learning enthusiasts. OpenAI regularly posts about their research on advanced AI-powered technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Speech Processing.


Distill is dedicated to clear explanation of Machine Learning. The editorial and curation team consists of scientists from Google Brain, DeepMind, Tesla and other notable organizations. The vision of Distill is to explain Machine Learning papers and models in simple and visually pleasing manner. Distill Journal is a publishing journal provided by Distill which encourages researchers to go beyond traditional academic forms to best communicate science and serve the reader.


This blog is set up by Berkeley AI Research(BAIR) group from University of California, Berkeley. The BAIR blog is aimed to communicate research findings, perspective and updates on the AI research done at BAIR group. BAIR blogs’ editing team consists of students, post-docs and faculty from BAIR group. They generally publish a post per week about various research going in the field of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at BAIR.

DeepMind Blog

DeepMind was founded in 2010 by Dennis Hassabis, Mustafa Suleyman and Shane Legg. DeepMind’s blog consists of discussions on their research papers, thought leadership pieces and visionary future undertakings surrounding AI.  DeepMind’s blog is highly regarded by many AI researchers, owing to the exemplary AI research done by DeepMind team. Noticeably, DeepMind is a part of Alphabet group after being acquired by Google in 2014.

Andrej Karpathy’s Blog

Andrej Karpathy is Director of AI at Tesla and has previously worked in OpenAI. He completed his Ph.D. from Stanford. Karpathy’s blog is widely popular in AI community, especially the posts written while working with OpenAI and pursuing his Ph.D. Karpathy writes extensively on Computer Vision along with other AI research areas.

Colah’s Blog

Christopher Olah is a Research Scientist at Google Brain. He is also one of the editors of Distill, along with Shan Carter. Olah writes descriptive posts on Machine Learning and Deep Learning especially focusing on understanding neural networks. Olah aims to explain complex functionalities of neural networks in a simple manner. If you are new to the neural networks space, Olah’s blog is a great place to start.


WildML is a blog by Denny Britz. Britz is a past resident of Google Brain team. The prime focus of his writing is Deep Learning. He writes about understanding neural networks, their applications and implementation using Tensorflow. Britz has another blog called Denny Britz Blog where he writes about startups and software engineering.

Ruder’s Blog

Sebastian Ruder is currently pursuing his PhD and is a Research Scientist in Aylien, a text analysis startup. Ruder writes extensively about Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, with prime focus on Multi-task Learning and Transfer Learning. Ruder provides the understanding of formulas and their interpretation in a visual and simple-to-understand manner. Ruder’s blogs are simple to understand for a layman and are a good place to start gathering knowledge about Deep Learning.


Facebook AI Research blog discusses AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and their real-world applications on Facebook’s homegrown products. FAIR group publishes a good number of research papers, the blog serves as a medium for improvisations and improvements on them as well.


inFERENCe is a blog by Ferenc Huszár. Ferenc is a Ph.D. from Cambridge and works with Twitter Cortex. He writes about probabilistic inference, generative models, unsupervised learning and applying deep learning to these problems. Ferenc provides posts on niche aforementioned topics.

Andrew Trask’s Blog

Andrew Trask’s is a Research Scientist at DeepMind and a Ph.D. student at the University of Oxford. His blog (goes by the name i am trask) is highly regarded by Deep Learning and Machine Learning enthusiasts. His writings primarily focus on neural networks and their interpretations and implementations.

Graduate Descent

Graduate Descent is a blog by Tim Vieira. Tim is pursuing his Ph.D. from John Hopkins University. The main focus of his blog is on Natural Language Processing using Deep Learning. Tim writes descriptive posts about specific parts of the neural network and its implementation for NLP.

Adit Deshpande’s Blog

Adit Deshpande is a Computer Science undergrad from UCLA. The prime focus of his writings is Machine Learning and Deep Learning. His posts are centered for beginners to start learning about neural networks.

These are a few AI blogs we recommend to you to follow. The aforementioned list is a mixed bag of good blogs which discuss research, learnings, implementation and future prospects of AI.  We’ll keep updating this list in due course, please watch this space for more. There are a plethora of great resources available on the internet to learn AI from. Please share your views in the comments and suggest some interesting AI blogs in the comments below. We’ll be happy to append the list.



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