Why custom solutions work better than off-the-shelf solutions for businesses

Real business problems require serious custom solutions at a reasonable price. Businesses that invest in pertinent technology to make informed decisions and automate manual tasks always witness notable bottom-line growth. The market has many resources to provide the required solutions. However, each solution is designed keeping in mind the needs of a whole industry or collection of industries. The products have many features and capabilities. On the other hand, the needs of a business are usually very specific. They usually make use of a limited number of features that a provider offers. Too many features make it difficult to deliver efficiency.

To quote an example, a large chain of departmental stores would require an extensive CRM software to keep track of the usage patterns its many customers. On the other hand, CRM needs a private cash-and-carry store would be limited to, say, managing contact details and email integration. In this case, buying the same software and paying the same price would be unfair and inefficient.    

Clearly, the best solution would be to pay for what you actually use, instead of everything that is offered by a software.

Custom Solutions


custom solutions

Some software designers offer to curate solutions to cater to the specific needs of the client. They understand the business problem at hand, restructure their product, and deliver a solution that the clients can actually use. When business interests are aligned in this manner, end users’ delight becomes possible. With the spread of cloud computing, several providers offer intuitive ready-made cloud-based pay-as-you-go-solutions. Businesses must ensure that they know how such solutions can be customized to suit their own needs. Simple solutions that actually solve problems are of much more value than fancy softwares that do not. They will meet customers’ expectations and they will have the functionalities that are actually useful. This will make work easy and infuse agility into an organization. At the end of the day, that is exactly what users want.

Data Training


custom solutions

In the artificial intelligence space, data is king. How good a solution is will depend on the kind of data it has been trained on. Its ‘ability to predict’ is  directly influenced by ‘what it knows’. The nature of data which a solution is trained on determines how good the solution will be. Obviously, ready-made solutions are made using data which is available in the public domain. Such data is generic. Results from a solution which is trained on generic data are not useful for the specific needs of a business. However, there are quite a few AI based developers who train the algorithm on the client’s data. For example, if Uber would like to use AI to get insights into tweets by disgruntled users, they would want a solution that can understand feedback related phrases such as ‘app is scratchy’, ‘waited for 30 minutes’, ‘driver didn’t accept cash’ etc. A custom solutions provider will actually train the algorithms on feedback-related data specifically for the client.



custom solutions

A large part of investing in a software is the process of integration. Support from the vendor is required at each and every step of the way in order to make the integration process a success. A good support service goes a long way in bringing about happy customers and, thereby, an optimistic bottom line. With custom solutions, the best part is that good customer support service is the objective of the vendor right from the beginning. The entire solution is meant to fit into the client’s needs. This makes it inevitable for the vendor to put in place a dedicated team that will ensure a seamless integration. In this case, clients will find it easy to solve their problems because help will be readily available. This feature is very particular to custom software providers and is a major boon to their clients.

How ParallelDots is leading in the custom solutions space


custom solutions

ParallelDots’ Enterprise Services team has successfully deployed AI projects across domains and industries. As leaders in the deep learning and NLP sphere, we are bringing AI right to your fingertips. Various features of ParallelDots’ Enterprise Services:

Extraordinary team of data scientists

The ParallelDots data science team is a collection of the best lot of techies, from across the country. There is a dedicated team for data tagging as well. The purpose is to build proprietary data that can be readily used whenever a client comes aboard.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

The intent is to deliver solutions that actually help clients make their work easy. For this purpose, a dedicated team of customer success managers makes sure that right from integration to pilot to deployment, all processes are smoothly handled.

Cost-effective solutions

The positioning of the products is cost-effective and the pricing policy is ‘pay-as-you-go’. Users are billed only for the excess usage beyond free tier quota. The focus is on making products affordable and best-of-class.

Primacy to data privacy

Privacy of client data is given top priority. All of the data used to train the algorithms is proprietary and licensed. More data is constantly being generated and tagged for use by different clients.

Trusted by the best

Major FMCG giants including ITC are currently using Karna.AI, the market research product of ParallelDots, Inc, to automate manual tasks and get valuable insights from their data.

When it comes to finding the right custom solutions, custom software development has plenty of benefits worth considering. Is it the right choice for your company? Only you will be able to decide. But, if any of the reasons we have laid out clicked in your brain as something you need, we believe your business has a great opportunity to improve and continue moving forward through the utilization of custom software development.

If you want to explore or know about the custom solutions then please fill the form here or simply mail at contact@paralleldots.com. We will be happy to help you!

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