Shelf Monitoring


Price detection and its compliance is an important part when it comes to achieving a perfect store programme. Brands are looking towards retail image recognition solutions for the same. Monitoring price compliance through price detection is an important feature of our AI retail image recognition solution. In this blog, we discuss why price detection is   →

Image Recognition For Retail Shelf Monitoring

With the e-commerce boom, CPG/FMCG brands have realized that the traditional methods of retail shelf monitoring or sales promotions are not enough to sustain profits in the cut throat CPG industry. Many retailers are already implementing AI and image recognition to deliver the next level of customer experience. According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions   →

How To Do Real-Time Image Recognition With ShelfWatch

Large FMCG companies conduct regular shelf analysis to validate their in-store execution. Hundreds of thousands of images are collected monthly across different parts of the country. It is difficult to analyze such a large number of images manually. And in order to reduce the burden of manual labor, various large brands have automated the process   →

Automated Retail Shelf Monitoring Using AI

Using Automated retail shelf monitoring to track the shelf presence of brands at scale! “70% of the consumer’s buying decisions are made in the retail store”. This is a common anecdote used by market researchers when quantifying the importance of getting the retail strategy right. Even if the 70% figure is an overestimate and the   →

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