Text Analysis APIs- Most Common FAQs and Their Answers

At ParallelDots, we take user experience very seriously. When it comes to our products and tools, we strive to provide the best. The same applies to solving the queries we get from our users. In this blog, we address some of the most common frequently asked questions regarding our Text Analysis APIs, Excel add-in, and   →

Multilingual Named Entity Recognition: Research to Reality

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a particularly interesting branch of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a subpart of Information Retrieval (IR). A NER model is trained to extract and classify certain occurrences in a piece of text into pre-defined categories. What are these categories? glad you asked. The categories can be thought of as the   →

Sentiment Analysis: Concept, Analysis and Applications

Sentiment analysis is contexual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in source material, and helping a business to understand the social sentiment of there brand, product or service while monitoring online conversations. However, analysis of social media streams is usually restricted to just basic sentiment analysis and count based metrics. This is akin   →

Being sarcastic? Introducing our new Sarcasm detection API

Sarcasm is one of the oldest and by far the wittiest of tools used by linguists all around the world. A sarcastic comment appears to be one thing and is actually something else entirely. This ambiguity makes the task of sarcasm detection by machines nigh impossible. Nonetheless, our data science team decided to take a   →

Are you unlocking the full potential of your NPS analysis? Part-II

How happy are your customers?What’s the first metric that popped into your mind? If your answer was Net Promoter Score or NPS Congratulations! you are among 80 percent of people who know how to gauge customer satisfaction but unfortunately, you are also among 90 percent of people who don’t realize that their answer is incomplete.   →

Why should you upgrade your current ParallelDots account?

To upgrade or not to upgrade? Let us help you out. Here is an overview of the plans we offer. By the end of this article, you will be armed with the power of making an educated decision about the subscription package that fits your needs like a glove. First things first, here are a   →

Word Embeddings in NLP and its Applications

Word embeddings are basically a form of word representation that bridges the human understanding of language to that of a machine. Word embeddings are distributed representations of text in an n-dimensional space. These are essential for solving most NLP problems. Domain adaptation is a technique that allows Machine learning and Transfer Learning models to map niche   →

Analyse survey responses using machine learning

Artificial Intelligence is a hot selling cake in Information Technology Sector these days. It is very powerful and can help B2B sector to get actionable insight from thousands of customers reviews. Whenever a new product is launched in the market it becomes quite tedious to get feedback and even if you become successful in gathering feedback through Survey responses still there   →

How NLP is Automating the complete Text Analysis Process for Enterprises?

In a world where we generate 2.5 quintillions (number of zeros = 18!) bytes of data every day, text analysis has become a key tool for structuring the data and getting the key insights. The organized and insightful data is worth millions of dollars in the present day scenario and it is no secret that   →

Announcing launch of SmartReader – An AI-powered feedback analysis platform

In the past year, we launched multiple AI-based products. With a strong community of more than 25,000 registered users for our APIs and plugins, we are evolving every day. A persistent need that we uncovered from engaging with our community is – how can I make sense of the 1000s of customer feedback data quickly?   →

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