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Owning the Traditional Trade – A ‘Window’ of Opportunity for CPG Manufacturers

Modern Trade is cornering CPG brands It won’t be an exaggeration to call the relationship between CPG companies and retailers as frenemies. As Modern Trade continues to penetrate in the retail space in emerging economies like India, Modern Trade retailers seem to have an upper hand in the negotiations. Nielsen data reveals that in the July-September quarter   →

NPD and Perfect Store Execution: Cracking the Tough Nut with ShelfWatch

“The biggest challenge with retail store execution is simply “not knowing what you don’t know.” It is impossible to see every execution, so you assume everything went flawlessly – though that is not always the case.” Rachel Tarvin, Shopper Marketing, Starbucks Getting the perfect store execution is hard! It is one of the most complex,   →

Announcement: ParallelDots Has A Brand New Website

We’re excited to finally announce ParallelDots brand new website!  From the initial brainstorming to the final launch, the whole process has been quite a journey; needless to say an exciting one. It was important for us to merge our vertical focused Image Recognition solutions for retail under the Karna AI brand name with ParallelDots. This development has   →

5 Things to Consider Before Deploying Image Recognition in Traditional Trade

There is considerable literature available on improving retail execution in modern and organized trade channels. However, we do not have enough information available on tools, solutions, and best practices, when it comes to optimizing retail execution using Image Recognition in traditional (or general) trade. This information asymmetry creates a lot of confusion and misinformation around   →

How ShelfWatch Helps Improve Merchandising Compliance

ShelfWatch helped one of the biggest consumer goods companies in the world improve merchandising compliance by 30% across 100,000 traditional trade stores in India. CPG companies spend a substantial amount of money to retailers to improve their in-store presence and promotion execution. These slotting, display and pay-to-stay fees can quickly add up, impacting their bottom   →

The Best Way To Address On-Shelf Availability Issue In Retail

Even in this digital age when everything is just a button-click away, nothing compares to the experience of going to a store, scanning the shelves and selecting the products you want. Although e-commerce has become a huge success worldwide, consumers still prefer to shop in-store to get a better experience of the purchase. But very   →

Retail Execution In Traditional Trade: Are You Doing It Right?

“There is only one thing that signifies Order in retail, and that is Retail Execution”. Traditional Trade (a.k.a Kirana Trade) plays a dominant role in the Indian retail industry and carries a giant bullseye, which is targeted by retail companies of all standards and sizes. Everyone wants to excel in this potential $1 Trillion Kirana Trade.   →

4 Features Every Retail Execution Solutions Must Have

The ascent of SaaS has inspired companies world over to establish such solutions that provide instant, useful insights and pave way for assessing and implementing new execution strategies. These strategies, in turn, improve brand presence and uplift sales. The rapid changes occurring in the retail world demand the adoption of technology into everyday processes; thus   →

4 Winning Strategies For Achieving Perfect Retail Execution

As the battle to win at the shelf intensifies, brands are starting to understand the importance of perfect retail execution. Perfect store execution has always been the key ingredient in achieving sales growth and consumer satisfaction. It is no new fact that people buy what they see. Which is why CPG companies are spending heavily   →

Image Recognition For Building Your Perfect Store

Over the years, the basic retail experience has remained more or less the same for the consumers. You go to a store, you look for the right product, and you make a purchase. But for the retailers, it is ever-changing. Analyzing consumer behavior is one of the biggest challenges that CPGs all around the world   →

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