Deep learning

Introducing ParallelDots Google Sheet add-on 2.0

Since the launch of our Google Sheet add-on back in 2018, so many users have appreciated how our plugin has made it so much easier for them to analyze their open-ended textual data within the comfort of their spreadsheets. The primary reason for developing the Plugins was to help non-developers run text analysis on a   →

Launching Our Super Affordable Student License

At ParallelDots, we pay special attention to the customers’ feedback to build features that work best for them. Recently we’ve been getting a number of package concession requests from students on our Text Analysis APIs pricing. Initially, we did provide some relaxation on our pricings but realized soon enough that the best solution would be   →

24 Best (and Free) Books To Understand Machine Learning

“What we want is a machine that can learn from experience“ Alan Turing There is no doubt that Machine Learning has become one of the most popular topics nowadays. According to a study, Machine Learning Engineer was voted one of the best jobs in the U.S. in 2019. Looking at this trend, we have compiled   →

50 Must-Read Free Books For Every Data Scientist in 2020

Data science is an inter-disciplinary field which contains methods and techniques from fields like statistics, machine learning, Bayesian etc. They all aim to generate specific insights from the data. In this article, we are listing down some excellent data science books which cover the wide variety of topics under Data Science. 1. The Element of Data   →

How NLP is Automating the complete Text Analysis Process for Enterprises?

In a world where we generate 2.5 quintillions (number of zeros = 18!) bytes of data every day, text analysis has become a key tool for structuring the data and getting the key insights. The organized and insightful data is worth millions of dollars in the present day scenario and it is no secret that   →

List of free resources to learn Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer system to understand human language. Natural Langauge Processing is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are multiple resources available online which can help you develop expertise in Natural Language Processing. In this blog post, we list resources for the beginners and intermediate level learners.   →

Best (and Free!!) Resources to understand Deep learning

The internet is filled with tutorials to get started with Deep Learning. You can choose to get started with the superb Stanford courses CS221 or CS224, Fast AI courses or Deep Learning AI courses if you are an absolute beginner. All except Deep Learning AI are free and accessible from the comfort of your home. All you need   →

How Visual Object Detection can Transform Manufacturing Industries

Since the industrial revolution, humanity has made tremendous progress in manufacturing. With time we have seen more and more of mundane manual work being replaced by automation through advanced engineering, computers, robotics and now IoT. We believe that recent advances in AI (or Deep Learning to be more precise) will help accelerate this trend towards   →

Facial Emotion Detection using AI: Use-Cases

Sentiment Analysis is already widely used by different companies to gauge consumer mood towards their product or brand in the digital world. However, in offline world users are also interacting with the brands and products in retail stores, showrooms, etc. and solutions to measure user’s reaction automatically under such settings has remained a challenging task.   →

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