Artificial intelligence

Effective Learning: The Near Future of AI

There is certainly no doubt that the ultimate future of AI is to reach and surpass human intelligence. But this is a far-fetched feat to achieve. Even the most optimistic ones among us bet that human-level AI (AGI or ASI) to be as far as 10-15 years from now with skeptics even willing to bet   →

Must-read Blogs for AI and Deep Learning Enthusiasts

“Nothing I have ever seen matches the potential of AI and cognitive computing to change the world” John E. Kelly, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research highlighted the fact in 2016 in a conference organized by Yann Lecun, one of the most prominent names among AI enthusiasts. There is no denying the fact   →

Breakthrough Research Papers About Image Recognition

Deep Learning models for Image Classification have been growing in terms of accuracy over the last few years. Deep Learning has become prime focus area for AI research. However, Deep Learning has been around for a few decades now. Yann Lecun, presented a paper pioneering the Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) in 1998. But it wasn’t   →

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