Introducing ParallelDots Google Sheet add-on 2.0

Since the launch of our Google Sheet add-on back in 2018, so many users have appreciated how our plugin has made it so much easier for them to analyze their open-ended textual data within the comfort of their spreadsheets. The primary reason for developing the Plugins was to help non-developers run text analysis on a   →

Extracting Keywords From Text in Excel Without Coding

Keyword Extractor API extracts keywords out of textual data. It generates an extensive list of relevant keywords and phrases to make research more context focussed. Keyword Extractor API can help in automating text summarization and enhancing SEO and building a keyword cloud. It is a powerful tool in text analysis that can be used to   →

How to Do Sentiment Analysis in Excel Without Writing Code?

ParallelDots Excel Add-in provides state-of-the-art text analysis capabilities from the comforts of your spreadsheets without writing a single line of code. The add-in has been received very well by our users working across different industry verticals like Market Research, Software, Consumer Goods, Education, etc. solving a variety of use-cases. Sentiment Analysis has been the most   →

Launching Our Super Affordable Student License

At ParallelDots, we pay special attention to the customers’ feedback to build features that work best for them. Recently we’ve been getting a number of package concession requests from students on our Text Analysis APIs pricing. Initially, we did provide some relaxation on our pricings but realized soon enough that the best solution would be   →

Text Analysis APIs- Most Common FAQs and Their Answers

At ParallelDots, we take user experience very seriously. When it comes to our products and tools, we strive to provide the best. The same applies to solving the queries we get from our users. In this blog, we address some of the most common frequently asked questions regarding our Text Analysis APIs, Excel add-in, and   →

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