Sentiment analysis – A case study on Flipkart and Snapdeal on World Book Day

With the big data growing bigger and bigger and social media disrupting every industry, monitoring data is one of the biggest challenges faced by the enterprises. Gone are those days when customers have to lodge a formal complaint to register the malfunctioning of any product/services provided by the business enterprise. Nowadays, users take it to the social media, blogs, customer complaint forums to express their dissatisfaction and unhappiness towards any improper services/products. Knowing and analysing sentiments of the customers become imperative. Therefore, you need to run a tool in the background called Sentiment Analysis in order to analyse sentiments.

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Twitter and facebook insights could be of significant value to the enterprise to analyze their products/services/ performances, customer behavior, complaints, and demands. Twitter and facebook analytics is the need of the hour. With such a vast amount of big data being generated at a rapid pace makes it imperative for every company to keep a social media manager. Our Social media analytics tool works better than a manager, more efficiently and effectively.

A Case Study showing the effectiveness of our Sentiment Analysis tool.

Using our Social Media analytics tool, a sentiment analysis of Flipkart and Snapdeal on the occasion of ‘World Book Day’.

Flipkart Sentiment Analysis

Flipkart Sentiment Analysis


Snapdeal Sentiment Analysis

Snapdeal Sentiment Analysis

Summary of the Sentiment Analysis of Flipkart and Snapdeal on Twitter

While Flipkart is clearly being talked about on books with keywords such as ‘Dickens’, ‘Copperfield’, ‘college’, etc – these words are entirely missing from Snapdeal related keywords. Needless to say, people are talking positive things about Flipkart on world book day. On the other hand, Snapdeal is missing out on the opportunity presented by this occasion. This also presents an incredible opportunity for Flipkart to run a solid marketing campaign around books ( space they and through which they kicked-off years back).

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Social Media Monitoring is critical for every business.

Tweets, comments and other social media conversations about a product or a brand help marketer to build a better brand image. It also helps them to gauge the performance of their products/brands. Timely Social Media monitoring of these online conversations can help marketers in may ways:

  • analyze customer purchase pattern,
  • do competitor analysis,
  • find customer trends,
  • analyze voice of customer,
  • build brand image
  • find key influencers
  • customer opinions and sentiments
  • stay updated with the latest news,
  • identify the selling opportunities,
  • identify suspects and prospects,
  • know social media influencers etc.

We provide you with product specific, online marketing and user experience analytics.

ParallelDots social media monitoring tools can do the above-mentioned things and much more. It helps analyze social media sentiments about the brand. It categorizes the social media conversation into standard taxonomy for easy access to data and filtering. It also suggests related keywords for your searches based on trending tweets, content. We will provide you with a user-friendly dashboard that gives you real-time alerts and generated Social media reports.

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ParallelDots AI APIs , are a Deep Learning powered web service by ParallelDots Inc, that can comprehend a huge amount of unstructured text and visual content to empower your products. You can check out some of our text analysis APIs and reach out to us by filling this form here or write to us at

2 thoughts on “Sentiment analysis – A case study on Flipkart and Snapdeal on World Book Day

  1. Tabish Ansari

    Excellent and timely! I was just wondering if this is also applicable to Science – scientific publications, news etc. For example, there are so many universities who are looking to improve their world rankings- and one metric is visibility and online popularity. So, many universities now officially tweet their scientific results. I don’t know how far it goes, or does it even matter as opposed to the traditional word-of-mouth opinion about the University.

    The gravity-wave experiment, for example, had caught too much social-media attention. But how many people mentioned the participating institutes? I’m not sure! Some private universities, in India and abroad, might want to spend some money in knowing their online sentiment.

  2. Muktabh Mayank

    Thanks Tabish.
    Yes, we could do sentiment analysis for universities too. I am quite sure one more thing they would want to know what is propagating well on social media, which is in our product pipeline.

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